Striving for Excellence for over 40 years!

Motley-Motley, Inc. is a locally owned and operated heavy construction company founded in 1976. We have a wide range of experience in many projects, varying in nature and size.


We also offer ASPHALT PAVING and patch-work for any areas, large or small. CLICK​  for a free, no-hassle estimate.

Company Goals

Motley-Motley's goal is to deliver value through innovation. We benchmark our best practices, p​​​​ay attention to lessons learned, and​ constantly challenge ourselves to do better. From materials and construction methods to management techniques, we always seek new and better ways to help our customers achieve their goals.  

Company Vision

Like the rest of the world, the construction industry is continuously evolving. To maintain the level of quality and consistency we currently deliver, we must focus on our long-term goals, rather than our short-term achievements. 10 years in any industry will deliver indefinite results. By continuing to develop lasting relationships and maintaining trust in our customers, we are hopeful the next 10 years will bring as much success as the past 40 years has delivered​.