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What is it?

Motley-Motley, Inc wishes to actively encourage safe work practices at all job sites. The company Safety Officer is charged with daily inspections to ensure the policies of Motley-Motley, Inc., as well as WISHA and OSHA are being followed. The Safety officer utilizes a checklist we have developed to monitor this while on-site. We refer to a jobsite visit and completion of the safety checklist by our Safety Officer as a “Safety Audit”

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Quarterly Safety Practices Bonus Program

It pays to play it safe!

How Does it Work?

During a “safety audit” the officer will monitor the jobsite utilizing the checklist as an inspection tool. If unsafe practices are observed, both the offender & the Foreman are given safety points from 0 to 3 based on the offense.

How will I know if I've accumulated points?

The points are recorded through our daily Safety Audits. The Safety Officer will explain the offense and the checklist is posted to our website by the following morning.  

What is the bonus?

The bonus amount is determined by management at the beginning of each quarter and is seasonally adjusted. The scale for payout vs points: 0 points = 100%, 1 point = 60%, 2 points = 25%, 3 points = 0%

When Is it Paid?

Within 2 weeks of the end of the quarter.

Eligibility Requirements

You must not accumulate 3 or more points during the quarter. You must be injury free and a current employee at the time of bonus payout. In addition you must have not caused damage during the year.

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