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What is it?

Each year, tens of thousands of dollars are spent on repairing damage to property and equipment at Motley-Motley, Inc due to careless actions that can easily be avoided. These actions can directly reflect in work habits that are likely to result in injury and WE WANT TO STOP IT!


Therefore, we plan to budget $75,000 per year to repair this damage. Any remaining, unused funds will be split between eligible employees through a damage/safety bonus. We encourage all employees to take an active role in this quest to reduce our costs and improve our safe working habits.

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Annual Damage/Safety Bonus Program

Your co-workers may be costing you bonus money!

How Does it Work?

Beginning January 1st 2022, we will budget $75,000 for bonus pay to Motley-Motley, Inc. As damage to property or equipment occurs, that amount is reduced by the cost to repair the damage. At the end of the year, the remainder of the $75,000  will be paid out as a bonus.

Who's Eligible?

Employees of Motley-Motley, Inc who: 

  1. Qualify for full quarterly bonus in the majority of eligible periods

  2. Are accident & injury free throughout the entire year

  3. Have worked at least 1,000 hours during the year 

  4. Are actively employed with the company when the bonus is paid out

When Is it Paid?

The bonus will be paid out in late December.

Why is my bonus reduced if I didn't cause the damage?

The goal of our program is to involve everyone in the prevention of accidents, injuries & damage. We want all employees to take a stake in this.

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